• One-Hand Spindle Lock Air Ratchet Wrench-1/4

One-Hand Spindle Lock Air Ratchet Wrench-1/4"

модель : ST-RW920

●The new SUMAKE One-Hand Spindle Lock tool series is featured with extremely powerful motor and works 
perfectly with all accessories to deal any multi-professional applications such as workshops, car and truck repair, 
body shops, agriculture equipment, mechanical construction.
The tool range is available in straight, extended and angle versions to match all mechanic’s needs.

Связанные изделия

1/4 "кв др. СУПЕР обязанность влияние Ratchet ключ

модель : ST-55622

воздуха трещотка

модель : ST-5555;5555A

через отверстие трещотка комплект

модель : ST-5510K

1/4 "стороной вытяжки Ratchet ключ

модель : ST-55591

1/4" Mini Stubby Air Ratchet

модель : ST-M5152

воздуха трещотка

модель : ST-5555N