• 3/8

3/8" Super Duty Mini Twin Dog Air Impact Wrench

модель : ST-55303

  • Advanced Butterfly is a new generation of impact wrench in term of size, weight, rundown and balanced torque output.
  • Twin-dog clutch mechanism provides much balanced torque than rocking-dog.
  • New innovation features of balanced torque and less vibration increase the work efficiency.
  • Small body design is convenient for operating in a limited room of applications.
  • Easily control with one hand.

ST-55303 / 3/8" Mini Square Drive Twin Dog Super Duty Pneumatic Impact Wrench



Square Drive


Capacity Bolt Size

3/8” (M10 mm)

Free Speed

12,000 rpm

Max Torque

120 ft-lb (163 N-m)

Air Inlet

1/4” PT

Air Hose

3/8” ID

Air Consumption

15 cfm (425 l/min)

Overall Length

5-1/2” (139 mm)

Net Weight

1.16 lbs (0.53 kgs)

Packing: 20 pcs/Ctn/18.1 kgs/0.9 Cuft

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